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hhGregg's Quest for Coupons is a 3D platformer that I made from for my H Advanced Programming class. The goal of the game is to collect coupons by completing quests for characters you come across as well as finding them in cleverly hidden places. This project was created in Unity3D and was coded in C#.

The game is still far from completion, but I have 2 somewhat complete levels and am planning to add more in the future. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. 


(v0.7.0) Cosmetic Update:

     - Created New Models and/or animations for the following:

          - hh

          - Small Bulbs (Enemies)

          - Mr.BlueLight

          - Coupons

    - Revamped all menus/ UI Elements

    - NO Gameplay Changes were made, this is purely a cosmetic update, gameplay updates will be arriving in the future.  Thank you for waiting patiently for updates!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorJerod Zimmer
Tags3D Platformer, hhgregg


HHGQFC (v0.7.0).zip 117 MB
HHGQFC(v0.6.0).zip 114 MB

Install instructions

After Downloading File:

  1. Uncompress Folder
  2. Run HHGQFC(v0.7.0).exe
  3. Have Fun!

Development log


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really fun and thoughtfully made colectathon! 

Yo Jerod, thanks for inspiring me to make a Paper Mario mod themed around hhgregg!

good great awesome

I.. Need.. More!!!

the official hhgregg twitter account actually acknowledged this


This game is now immortalized amongst its peers Egglike Wiki

this is a legendary game.



Came here from SiIvaGunner.


You gonna update the game, or am I gonna have to do it myself?

h greg


can you add the siiva rip as a song

Please add more levels! Get this game to version 1.0!

please  update the hhgregg game please i love him  so much. hhgregg i am yuor biggests fan so Please update the  game thank you.


Please continue to update this game.

If you won't do it for the community, do it for hhgregg.

Please continue working on this game